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Koordinaten GPS: 39° 13′ 14.74″ N –  9° 15′ 09.46″ E

Meer, Stadt, Natur, Kultur, Relax

Der Hotel- und Kongresskomplex SETAR ist in seiner Umgebung einzigartig. Er befindet sich in Quartu Sant’Elena, Località S’oru ‘e Mari an der Küstenstraße nach Villasimius und ist nur 12 km von der Stadt Cagliari sowie 18 km vom Flughafen Cagliari-Elmas entfernt.

Das Hotel Setar ist vom Flughafen Cagliari – Elmas aus bequem erreichbar und günstig in der Nähe des Meeres direkt außerhalb des Stadtzentrums gelegen. Es vereint die Nähe zum Zentrum der Hauptstadt Sardiniens, Cagliari, die mit einem reichhaltigen Angebot in den Bereichen Business, Kultur, Dienstleistungen und Shopping aufwartet, mit der Ruhe und Erholung, die nur der Kontakt zur Natur herstellen kann.

Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen

    Coronavirus Covid-19 update

    Safe holiday in SardiniaThe safety and security of our guests and team members always remains our highest priority. We are doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and to provide maximum flexibility as the situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve and we are adjusting our daily operations to fit within the new normal.

    We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene and we can guarantee social distancing in the easiest and relaxing way due to our wide common areas and outdoor spaces.

    As we welcome you back to our hotel in south Sardinia we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. We have taken additional measures
    developed in consultation with local and global public health authorities, in-house and outside experts in food and water safety, hygiene and infection prevention, and hotel operations, that redefined our cleaning and safety standards to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous.

    Certified cleaning and disinfection procedures, increased attention to safety and hygiene in communal spaces, protective equipment, sanitizing stations, adjusted food and beverage service in accordance with current food safety recommendation and updated training for team members are included in the new protocols.

    We will actively monitor our solutions to ensure a relaxed, healthy and safe holiday in Sardinia, one of the regions in Italy with the fewest coronavirus cases. For any doubt or question always feel free to contact us at